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Dreamcatcher workshops:

Anyone can make a dream catcher! There is an inspiring range of materials to choose from including beads, hoops, willow, feathers, yarns, threads, shells and treasures from the tide line.

The process of making a dream catcher can be great fun and a good family activity. It can also be profound, healing, meditative and informative and workshops are available for those seeking a deeper, creative experience either individually or as part of a group.

In a basic workshop you will learn about the legend of the dream catcher, and how to make one, The workshop finishes with “smudging” the dream catcher. These workshops normally last for one and a half hours and are open to individuals and groups of all ages.

Children (minimum age 6 years old) particularly enjoy the basic workshop, choosing from a wonderful array of colourful and sparkling materials and smudging their dream catcher by lighting white sage and letting the smoke drift into the web as they concentrate on their wish for that dream catcher.

Maximum group size 8 people.

Price: £10 per person, per hour, including materials. (One hour will show how to make a basic web).
Group rates can be negotiated.
Very young children will benefit from being accompanied by an adult.

Workshops are held at Patterns of Light or in the garden yurt when the weather permits.

Contact Jenny by phone or email to arrange a workshop.

Tel : + 44 (0)1520 733363
Fax : +44 (0)1520 733344

Visiting Jenny and Mike's Kishorn shop is an unexpected and welcoming experience. Dragons lurk beside the cornflakes, dream catchers hang over the organic vegetables, “penny” sweets are stored in an old pine cupboard and rainbows flash round the shop when the sun shines.

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